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the former cia director general david petreaus. >> the investigation now involving general john allen who replaced petreaus as the top american commander in afghanistan and last night the fbi searched the north carolina home of paula broadwell with whom petreaus had an affair. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: ordering a pentagon investigation of one of the nation's highest profile u.s. military officials. general john allen, the man who succeeded david petreaus as head of the international forces in afghanistan is linked to the investigation involving his predecessor. secretary of defense leon panetta says the fbi has turned the case over to department of defense investigators.
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the senior u.s. defense official says the inquiry centers around potentially inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley, the florida woman who sparked an investigation that led to petreaus' resignation as head of the cia. >> if you know my sister like i said, she is a dedicated mother and wife. >> reporter: kelley went to the fbi when she received threatening e-mails from an anonymous source. those were allegedly linked to paula broadwell. broadwell was having an affair with petreaus and reportedly believed kelley was a romantic rival for his attention. monday night investigators searched broadwell's home. agents didn't say what they were looking for but carried out boxes and a computer. general allen is in washington dc for senate confirmation hearing for his new job as head of the u.s. european command. however president obama has now agreed to put the general's confirmation for that poston hold. >> while this matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined, general
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allen will remain commander. >> reporter: general allen denies he has done anything wrong. now extramarital affairs are viewed as risky for intelligence officers. the fear is they might be blackmailed into keeping the affair quiet. frank and michelle. >> let's talk a little bit more about jill kelley. she was named as the person who sparked this fbi investigation in the first place. now she's linked to general allen. what else can you tell us. >> reporter: well, that's right, michelle. she was complaining about harassing e-mails from paula broadwell. she is 37 years old. she is from tampa florida and essentially she's a socialite. she hosted parties for david petreaus between 2008 and 2010. and david petreaus said he had frequented her home for these parties and she is married. >> and david petreaus he stepped down but what's the status of his affair and could he be charged for anything?
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>> reporter: well, apparently the affair ended four months ago according to officials. the affair started two months after he became head of the cia. now, even after the affair ended, the two reportedly kept in touch because she was writing her dissertation about when he was a u.s. commander overseas. as for charges, the thinking is they're looking at this as a possible military infraction, not necessarily a violation and we're talking about john allen at this point. not necessarily military violation, or let me start again, a military violation, not necessarily a federal crime, which certainly could have been the case, but adultery as we know is a crime in the u.s. military. frank and michelle. >> live in washington, tara mergener, thank you. a trip to texas four years ago is at the bottom of a shake up at the port of oakland. the executive director omar
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benjamin announced he is retiring but it comes with a scandal involving strippers paid with federal money. it happened at a houston strip club called treasures. here is the receipt from that nightclub. it includes benjamin's name and james kwon. the two ran up a bill for some 4500 dollars while entertaining shipping executives. the port reimbursed them passed off as a simple business expense. the charge was overlooked because the name of the venue was not on the e receipt. benjamin stepped down yesterday and kwon is on a business trip and has not responded yet they'll discuss what changes need to be made at a meeting on thursday. the founder of mcafee associates is now a person of
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are interest in a murder case. john mcafee sold his remaining shares of the antivirus software company in the 1990s. in recent years he's been living on an island in belize. people want to question him about the shooting death of a neighbor last weekend. this is not the first brush with the law for mcafee in belize. >> he is a charming spent guy who has enormous resources at his disposal and that's allowed him to do whatever he wants. >> wire magazine says mcafee called to declare his innocence and says he has buried himself up to his neck in sand to hide from police. a u.s. marine from san jose is dead after being shot by police in palm springs. allen dvalina refused to stop for officers on bike patrol. they fired when the marine hit one another of the officers with his car in a parking lot and they found a stolen smart
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phone. another marine who was with him was arrested for public intoxication. the san mateo county district attorney will decide today what to do next after a judge through out murder charges in a high profile case. david lewis was gunned down at the hillsdale shopping mall in 2010. police said his killer was gregory elarm of pittsburgh. yesterday the judge in the case threw out the charges. >> at one point when mr. elarm's was talking aboutmenting an attorney, whether the questioning should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> the da says he was not under arrest when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation to read his miranda rights. other bay area headlines, a morgan hill woman is expected to enter a plea to face charges including abandoning her young
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daughter. marcy erico attempted to shoplift and then abandoned her daughter to face security guards and police. a fatal accident sent a man's truck plunging into the nacasio reservoir. they pulled the victim from the truck and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him him. elizabeth winger is getting more information in the traffic center with the latest. >> three closures and police activity we're getting word of a possible water main break. the intersection of east market and lausanne avenue. there is a school at that intersection, so again, expect streets to be blocked off. we know crews are on scene and we're sending our own news crew
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to daley city to check it out. if your commute takes you south, 880 at 237, silicon valley commute off to a great start there. and i want to mention this, a traffic alert, still in effect out in santa -- that is a check of your time saver traffic. for more on your forecast, we're talking big changes around the corner. we have to enjoy the nice weather. we have major changes. rain likely to make a return. it will be sunny and bright as you head out the door. 30s in the valley, 40s inside the bay and 50s, a little down slowed action and that's
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warming the temperatures up. and most of the clouds as well to the north, and occasionally we'll see a few clouds drift across the skies. and temperatures will be a little bit warmer. yesterday we topped out in low to mid-60s. today we'll get right about the average. 68 degrees in livermore. and 65 degrees in san francisco. looks like a nice couple days coming our way, but major changes, rain expecting later this week. more in just a bit. back to you. 5:09 now. chevron plans for damage refinery in richmond do not include the latest antipollution equipment. it will repair equipment at the refinery that burned in august rather than replacing it and it will not increase production. replacing the equipment and expanding production would require new pollution controls under federal law. it will voluntarily cut pollution e emissions. while a lot of video game
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enthusiasts may call in sick. that's because there's a phrensy following the release of a video game that went on sail at midnight. cate cauguiran is at a game stop on market street in san francisco. are you getting in line cate. >> reporter: there's no line right now. i must have missed the boat. earlier there were 400 people lined up here. those people have been hours boo playing at their homes. you can see it for yourself right there. about 400 gamers camped out. this group of a few hundred is nothing compared to the thousands across the nation looking to grab their copy of call of duty black ops 2. since the game will be in stores this morning, but these gamers say they couldn't wait that long. >> some of the game play for zombies and i really liked itings so i came to buy it. >> reporter: what's the story
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line. >> and the story line looks pretty good. >> and the multiplayer. >> and the first black ops was pretty good, so you have to get the next one. >> now the game is expected to be the biggest yet and could set sails records. it places gamers in a future 21 21st century cold war and as you mentioned you heard that gamer talking about, it includes 8 hours, and a multisystem where people can play online. so maybe a cup people made online friends -- couple of people made some online friends to play with with. we're live in san francisco, cate cauguiran cbs 5. >> if they got it at midnight, they have three hours to go. >> it's 5:11 right now, facing the fiscal cliff, a major push by the president today to avoid another recession. and a shocking argument over politics, how it led to a
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woman running down her husband. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. we are following a water main break in day -- daley city. it's at this intersection, east
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market street and lausanne avenue. there is a school at that area at that intersection and we are sending a news crew. we'll bring live pictures from the scene shortly. in the meantime, a live look at our traffic center through antioch, westbound highway 4 at somersville, hearing about a crash. one lane is blocked and you can see slowing on our sensor. it's westbound and eastbound impacted so once you get past that antioch stretch, then things look better all the way out toward concord. back outside, a live look at one of the time saver traffic. this is, nimitz, these are heading northbound up toward high street and if you're heading further south toward milpitas, this is 237, and you can see that everything is
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brake light free. we have a severe traffic alert in effect. there are 3000 people without power in the santa cruz area. this was an injury crash, knocked a power pole down. that's why they're calling it a severe traffic alert, in ben loman all lanes blocked. everything reporting no delay including all b.a.r.t. lines heading toward downtown san francisco, muni caltrans and. we have the mild temperatures approaching the coastline if you're heading out the door. mostly clear skies and a lot of sunshine coming our way. we have some 30s showing up in the superior valleys again. should be warmer, mostly sunny and some of these temperatures will be pushing 70 degrees in the warmer spots inland, so fairly mild there. 60s out toward the coastline. high pressure holding on now. you can see all this moisture
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streaming in the north and we're seeing showers up toward eureka and not going to get here. we'll stay nice and dry. occasionally we'll see clouds dump over o -- over the ridge and eventually this whole trough will work to the south and we have big changes coming in the latter part of the week. temperatures around the state, not bad at all, 68 in fresno. 68 in sacramento and mostly sunny skies. looking at a very nice afternoon today. about 69 degrees, one of the warmer spots in morgan hills. numbers inland will be running well into the 60s and plenty of sunshine just some occasionally passing clouds. 65 in san francisco and about 67 degrees in santa rosa. warmer through tomorrow and it will start to cool down. a few more clouds come thursday. by friday a chance of showers.
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could see lingering showers on saturday but a stronger storm coming sunday bringing more rain sunday into monday. enjoy the weather today, nice outside. >> i guess we were due. lawrence thanks. president obama will meet with labor leaders today and business leaders tomorrow ins of saving the united states from falling off that -- in hopes of saving the united states from falling off that fiscal cliff. if a deal is not reached by year's end, a series of tax increases and across the board spending cuts will automatically kick in. the president will meet friday with democratic and republican congressional leaders as well. five people are dead in a murder suicide in toledo e ohio. three children, their uncle and their grandmother were found dead in a garage. they were apparently killed by carbon m o onoxide poisoning. federal health inspectors have found numerous potential
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sources of contamination at another drug facility. the food and drug administration is investigating the massachusetts company ameridose. it is back to normal at gas stations in new jersey. the lines may be long but the garden state is awaiting its odd/even gas line rationing. it was put in place because of the shortages caused by superstorm sandy. it will remain in effect in new york city for the time being. lines at gas stations are beginning to shrink as well. there's a marriage in arizona that could be headed for divorce court. the issue in this love story is the presidential election. holly sullivan is under arrest for what happened after she found out president obama won reelection and that her husband did not vote. here's part of the 911 call. >> she got out of the car and
5:20 am
she was screaming at him. he started walking away and she started driving in circles around him and she wouldn't let him go. finally he took off to try to get away and she ran into him. >> she is facing assault with a deadly weapon charge and her husband is in the hospital with serious internal injuries. >> wow. >> yes. all i can say about that. it's 5:20 right now. want to lose some weight, how about a refreshing pepsi, what's behind the bizarre new diet trend. and pittsburgh's mike wallace, pulling that baby in. it's your play of the day and it's coming your way, next. what's cool about your school, you can submit your nomination on our web site and we may come and feature your school on the show. ♪
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beautiful weather ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. all right, lawrence time for the play of the day from pittsburgh last night, the steelers beth roethlisberger is going to pass to mike wallace, holds it in, touchdown, not bad. managed to hang on. the steelers beat kansas city. ben rothless roth -- hurt his shoulder. >> it was a nice play. go ahead. you want to get skinny, drink a pepsi. >> yeah, i don't know about that. >> the beverage maker launched a fat blocking soda. pepsi special goes on sale in japan tomorrow. it report through contains -- reportedly contains dextrin a. this is pepsi's first health food. it's no stranger to introducing
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interesting flavors like salty water melon and even milk. here you go, a healthy pepsi. >> i don't buy it. >> are you a big soda drinker,. >> not at all. but when i hear it over ice, i crave it. 5:25 right now. we're following breaking news, a water main break and we have a crew on the scene. and the general david petreaus scandal widens. another top military official is linked to the probe. what we're learning about the thousands of e-mails under investigation coming your way. the release of a new video game had hundreds of bay area gamers lined up overnight. why they may not be at work tomorrow. we'll have that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm fr 5-- good morning everyone, it's tuesday november 13th i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30 and we begin with breaking news from the peninsula where a water main break is causing all kinds of problems this morning. ee e liz -- elizabeth. >> it is a muddy mess. we're getting the first live pictures in the news room. you're looking at the intersection of east market and lausanne avenue. there are a number of street closures, it sounds like at least a block is closed off in each direction near that intersection. police are on scene and from what we can tell from the pictures, you can see gallons of water in the roadway. we have allen -- elissa harrington. she's on the scene.
5:31 am
and we're gathering information to see why this water main broke in the first place. in the meantime, let's check out other roadways including highway 4. we're getting word of a multivehicle crash in the westbound lanes of highway 4 approaching somersville, right now just the left lane is blocked but this is a slow spot anyway, so expect big delays through antioch. here is a live look at the bay bridge, not too bad this morning. no metering lights, and a quick look at the south bay, 101 at trim bell. that is time saver traffic. and 5:31678931. -- 5:31. the investigation of david petreaus now involves general allen. he replaced petreaus and last night they searched the home of paula broadwell.
5:32 am
she's the woman that allegedly had the affair with petreaus. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: general allen is now linked to the fbi investigation involving his predecessor. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta says the fbi has turned the case over to department of defense investigators. the senior u.s. official says the ininquiry is around potentially inappropriate e- mails with jill kelley. >> if you know my sister like i said she is a dedicated mother and a dedicated wife. >> reporter: kelley first went to the fbi when she received threatening e-mails from an anonymous source. those were linked to paula broadwell. she was having an affair with petreaus and believed kelley was a rival for his attention.
5:33 am
monday night investigators searched broadwell's home. they didn't say what they were looking for but carried out boxes and a computer. general allen is in washington dc as head of the european command and president obama has agreed to put the general's confirmation for that post on hold. >> while this matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined, general allen will remain colander. >> reporter: general allen denies he has done anything wrong. tara mergener for cbs news washington. secretary panetta has named general allen's replacement for afghanistan, held like the senate to confirm joseph dunford as soon as possible. jill kelley is 37 years old, grew up in philadelphia, now lives in the tampa area. they became friends with the petreaus when david petreaus
5:34 am
was head of syncom. and another scandal here in the bay area, the director of the port of oakland is now out. omar benjamin's retirement comes amid allegations that he ran up a tab at a strip club and used public dollars to pay for it. receipts show benjamin and james kwon spent more than 4500 dollars of the public's money entertaining shipping executives at the houston strip club. kwon was placed on administrative lead. deborah flint will take over benjamin's duties and they will discuss reimbursement policies at a meeting coming up on thursday. the man who founded santa clara based mcafee associates is a person of interest in a murder case. john mcafee sold his remaining shares of the antivirus software company in the 1990s. in recent years he's been living on an island in belize.
5:35 am
police there want to question him about the shooting death o of a neighbor last weekend. this is not the first brush with the law for mcafee. >> he has enormous resources at his disposal and that's allowed him to do whatever he he wants. >> earlier this year police raided the 67-year-old mcafee's home and confiscated 10 firearms. he called to declare his innocence in the murder case and has buried himself in sand to hide from police. investigators in marin county are looking into a fatal accident that sent a man plunging into the nacasio reservoir. emergency workers pulled the victim from the truck and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. why don't we get another look at weather. >> the storm door is open in a big way later this week.
5:36 am
>> i think we better enjoy the days while we have it. temperatures chilly in spots, especially in the interior valley, 34 are degrees in fairfield, 39 in concord and 39 degrees in santa rosa. now, it looks like by the afternoon we're enjoying sunshine and just a couple of passing clouds, temperatures pushing 70 degrees in morgan hill. 67 degrees in san jose. east bay numbers running well into the 60s and inside the bay should be a nice day, temperatures running into the 60s as well. major changes in the forecast, we have rain coming our way. probably days of rain on and off. we'll talk about that in a moment. send it back to you guys. and we want to update you on some breaking news at the top of the hour. daley city, a big water main break and it's affecting traffic. elissa harrington is in daley city with more on that. >> we are here on price street in this residential
5:37 am
neighborhood. this is what people are waking up to. there was what police believe to be a break of a water main that's flooding the neighborhoods. i went up a couple of streets where we are and the water was practically covering the tires. so you can see there's a lot of mud and let's bring up video shot from a little bit earlier. we are on price street and lasane avenue in daley city. there are police and firefighters on scene. a lot of people going in and out of their homes trying to figure out what's going on. several blocks in this neighborhood are closed off while they try and clean all of this up. the pio did just arrive on scene. we're going to get more information from him and have an update very shortly. back to you. we'll check back with you in just a bit. the san mateo county district attorney plans to make a decision today on what steps to take after a judge threw out murder charges in a high
5:38 am
profile case. east palo alto david lewis was gunned down. they said his killer was a childhood friend gregory elarms. >> at one point when he was talking about wanting an attorney whether the questioning should have stopped, the judge said he should have. >> the da says elarms was not arrest under when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation to read his miranda rights and there may be an appeal or filing of charges. chevron says it will repair equipment damaged in the richmond refinery fire in august. repairing the equipment rather than replacing it means chevron will not have to stall the latest clean air technologies. federal law says the new technology has to be installed when major changes are made. it's a successful opening
5:39 am
for the mall in livermore. officials say they had 355,000 visitors during the opening weekend. police are working on ways to ease traffic problems around the mall. 5:39 now. don't be surprised if some of your employees or coworkers call in sick today. that's because there is a phrensy going on. it's all surrounding the release of a hotly anticipated video game and it bent on sale at midnight -- went on sale at midnight. cate cauguiran is at a game stop on market street. it's quiet now, but 5 or 6 hours ago that was not the case. >> reporter: people have been posted about this new game, and there were a lot of people out there, and as you imagine, they're back homes, warm in their rooms in front of their computers. look at this line, this is what it was just a few hours ago, about 400 people in line, all for call of duty black ops, 2. it's expecting to be the
5:40 am
biggest video game release of the year, surpassing old sales records. the release was at midnight and thousands of gamers were positioned across the country ready for their copies. >> i hope it's like better for kill streets and all that, and just like i like it for the general, you know, get to be some people and everything. >> reporter: big chains like best buy opened 900 of their stores monday night a little bit earlier so people could test out the game. for the past three years, call of duty sales have surpassed their own sales records. last year the game in the first day took home sales of more than $400 million. and this game actually takes about 8 hours to play. that's not including the multiplayer set up that's involved as well. so this is hours and hours of gaming, so again don't be surprised if you don't have a few coworkers in we are live in san francisco cate cauguiran cbs 5. lawrence and i need to get
5:41 am
you on board with being a gamer. >> i didn't see one woman. they're all guys. >> we play video games, too. >> i know you do. >> you just play them the next day. you're smart like that. 5:41. inflating tuition, how college students are fighting back against fee hikes. and a bay area crack down on sleepy drivers, the red flags they're looking for. ,,,,
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good morning welcome back, we're following this developing news out of daly city. check out the light fixtures from overhead. this is a view from chopper 5, the hillside park neighborhood. at the intersection of east market and lausanne avenue. there's a water main break and let's get ground pictures so we can get a better idea of what's going on on the roadway. it is a mess of water and mud all over the roadway in this residential neighborhood and actually, we're getting reports that it flooded some cars. again streets are blocked off. crews are on scene. we have our news crew there as well. we'll continue to bring live reports throughout the morning. let's go to another thing.
5:45 am
westbound or eastbound 580. we have a couple bad accidents. eastbound 580. all lanes are blocked. this was a pretty bad injury accident and they just landed a medical helicopter so that's why all the eastbound lanes are closed and apparently one of the westbound lanes is also impacted so again, expect big delays if you're heading out of tracy. westbound highway 4 a multivehicle crash. he have heard up to 8 cars involved in this accident approaching somerrersville road, so it is -- somersville road, so it is really starting to back up right now. off in a hot spot at this time of the morning so again at least one lane blocked in antioch in the westbound lanes of highway 4. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, bridge traffic appears to be looking okay. this is our time saver traffic camera. you can see the headlights heading toward doyle drive in san francisco. no major delays and we have
5:46 am
another traffic alert. we've been following this since early this morning. injury crash, knocked down a power pole in the ben lomond area, highway 9 pushing glen arbor road. pg&e, the latest word, 3000 customers in the area without power and all lanes are blocked. they're saying 8 or 9:00 before they can get the stretch of highway reopened. this is a check of your time saver traffic. busy morning for us. with an update on the forecast, here's lawrence. things getting excited out there. nice weather coming our way. very nice sunshine and mild temperatures. a little cool in spots, 40s and 50s in most parts of the bay area. and the valley have dropped down to 30s inland. and mild sunshine getting near 70 degrees in the afternoon. inland 60s inside the bay and coast side. still some showers in far northern california and oregon
5:47 am
if you're headed in that direction so watch out for that. this whole trough is going to dig along the west coast and a major change in the weather pattern as we get to friday and the weekend. the rain line is going it stay north. we're going to be nice and dry. the temperature is going to be mild by the afternoon. anyone coming in looking nice today. mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 60s armed the country. not -- around the country. 48 and chilly in denver. rain could cause delays in toward new york. around the bay area, temperatures in the 60s and almost 70 in morgan hill. 68 in sunnyvale, and east bay temperatures in the 60s. upper 60s in pleasanton and livermore and inside the bay, planning on sunshine there and enjoying the numbers moving to 67 degrees in oakland and 65 in san francisco. the next couple l of days, a -- couple of days a little bit warmer and by friday a chance
5:48 am
of showers staying unsettled into saturday. a much colder storm moving in come sunday. that's the latest forecast guys back to you. this is the day the nation's leaders dive head first into saving the united states from falling off the so called fiscal cliff. >> president obama plans to meet with labor leaders and business leaders tomorrow if republicans and democrats in congress don't reach a budget agreement by year's end, a series of tax increases and across the board spending cuts will kick in. the president will meet friday with house and senate leaders and here to discuss where the debate stands now and more importantly how it affects your wall, jill joins us from >> and last week. john boehner outlined different positions is there room for a deal. >> i think there may be because john boehner made it clear that while republicans don't want
5:49 am
tax rates to rise, they are open to collecting additional revenue. on the other side, president obama reiterated that he wants the wealthiest americans pay more taxes but he did not demand that tax rates rise to collect the money. if we read between the lines it looks like a deal could be cut to limit itemized deductions for the wealthiest americans. that's schedule a and some o of the popular deductions include mortgage interest or charitable contributions, property taxes and state and local taxes, we could see a deal around the itemized deductions. >> i don't want to be the grim reaper, what if they don't get a deal done, we're in trouble. >> 80 to 90% of americans are going to see their taxes increase, maybe by 3500 dollars on average, 2 grand for middle income americans. if you're a low to middle wage earner. here's what you would lose, the
5:50 am
valuable earned income tax credit and payroll tax would go up by a couple percent. if you're in the upper middle wage category, you're going to have a higher tax bract, an increase in cap l toll gains -- capitol gains and an increase in dividend taxes. a lot of retirees depend on dividends and interest and that's going to rise to a level equal to your income tax rate. pretty big news there. for the highest wage earners, what we're looking at is higher brackets and capitol gains going up, we have a health care reform levy of 3.8 personality. hey, that means that if you're a wealthy american, r -- your top capitol gain could go from 15 to 28%. that's a big gain. and there's not a lot of people that pay a state tax, but that
5:51 am
exemption will go back to a million bucks. the rate goes from 35 to 50%. not good news. take a breath. we hope they're going to come to a deal on the ten hidden taxes that americans pay. this is quite shocking. check out your utility bill sometime. >> they better fix this thing. >> i know, right. >> jill, the governor will attend the board of trustee meeting in long beach. they will decide if the tuition fees at the university will be increased. a group of cal state students plan to ask the board to postpone. they say it will penalize students who will have to quit class because of job pressures or perhaps change their majors. don't drive if you're dozing off behind the wheel. the chp is trying to get the
5:52 am
message out about drowsy driving. it can be as dangerous as being drunk and you can get it ticket for it. the highway patrol is on the look out for drivers who might be a little bit sleepy. >> weaving outside of your lane. it's sporadic breaking, take the off ramp, get the out of your car, walk around. >> chp says drowsy driving in california caused 3600 collisions, 32 deaths and more than 2000 injuries back in 2010. get yourself some coffee before driving, right. >> that's us about 1:00 going home. gotten to be careful. 5:52. as common as hot dogs at sports. >> why high school hockey teams are being told not to sing the national anthem ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back, you're looking live from chopper 5 and the view of this water and mud all over the roadway in daly city. coming up we'll have a live report from the scene. well, the star spangled banner is at the center of controversy in pennsylvania. >> this is a head shaker. the organization that over seas high school hockey have advised schools not to play or sing the national anthem before the games. the reason is simple, money. ice time at the rinks is limited and expensive. >> the national anthem, should not be played only because of the time constraints. it's not that we're not patriotic. that's the furthest from the truth. >> well, there has been some backlash, so a meeting is now planned to decide the next step. i think they can afford a minute and a half. >> lately everything is coming down to money.
5:56 am
it's 5:56. in the next half hour, taxpayer money spent at a strip club, the scandal that's caused a bay area official his job. a big mess to clean up in daly city. i'll tell you what happened here and what people who live around here are waking up to say. and another star u.s. commander tied to the general petreaus scandal. the second woman at the center of it all, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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